Churning systems

The blender is one of the essential elements in the production of high quality virgin olive oils.

The Pieralisi 2LiFeP reconditioned mixers, consists of a wide range of mixers designed to meet the needs of each customer or specific processing process.

From the small mixer for capacities under 1,000kg. The mixer is hermetically sealed and independent, up to the mixer designed for large productions with capacities of up to 9,000 kg per body, including three-axis mixers that allow to maintain a linear mixing speed much lower than conventional ones, with automatic and continuous loading and unloading system.

All mixers are equipped with a water dosing device that allows to increase the degree of humidity of the dough if required.


Blender Features

  • It is made up of independent mixing modules, mounted side by side, built in Aisi 304 stainless steel, with heating water circulation chamber and transparent anti-fogging glass screen with led lighting, arranged for dough inspection without the need to open the mixer.
  • The churning system includes a mechanical piston pump for conveying the pulp from the mill. The necessary piping, equipped with glass sight glasses and three-way non-return valves, gate valves for emptying each and every body of the mixer. The auger conveyor of the pulp to the feeding pump to the decater, mono type AND an automatic cleaning system, tubular type and with pressurized water injector nozzles.
  • The whole unit is controlled from the general electrical panel for temperature management and control.

Technical characteristics:

  • Number of bodies: 3
  • Capacity: 12000 kg
  • Power: 16hp
  • Dimensions ( mm ) Width x Length x Height
  • 1890x3500x4600

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